Platinum Hydrovac Supports Wildfire Relief Efforts in Wildwood, Alberta, in Response to Local Outreach

Platinum Hydrovac, a leading provider of hydrovac excavation services, is proud to highlight its recent contribution to the wildfire support efforts in Wildwood, Alberta.

On May 16th, Platinum Hydrovac received urgent outreach from local contacts in Wildwood, Alberta who expressed the critical need for additional resources in combating the devastating wildfires in the area. Responding promptly, Platinum quickly assessed the situation and immediately deployed a fleet of five water trucks to provide essential assistance for ongoing firefighting operations.

As an organization, Platinum is incredibly proud of our drivers and operators who responded promptly and selflessly to assist the community and local emergency services in the wildfire relief efforts.

Social responsibility is of utmost importance to everyone at Platinum Hydrovac – the decision to contribute to wildfire support aligns with Platinum’s core values and commitment to the communities it operates within.

“All these drivers from Platinum Hydrovac hit it out of the park for our community.” expressed Jim Kudera, a member of the Wildwood community. “While working side by side with them, their ability to accommodate an ever-changing situation made our efforts more effective and safe.”

Platinum is grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the wildfire support efforts in Wildwood, Alberta. The company would like to express its sincerest gratitude to the local community for their continued trust and support.

Platinum Hydrovac and HDD Joins Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business

Edmonton, Alberta, March 1, 2023 – Platinum Hydrovac and HDD is pleased to announce that it has joined the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB) as a non-Aboriginal member. CCAB is a national organization that aims to promote the full participation of Aboriginal peoples in Canada’s economy.

As a CCAB member, Platinum Hydrovac and HDD is committed to supporting the goals and values of the organization, including fostering business relationships between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal businesses, promoting Aboriginal entrepreneurship and economic development, and building strong and mutually beneficial partnerships.

“We are thrilled to become a member of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business,” said Lee Zwarich, Senior Vice President – Services & Operations of Platinum Hydrovac and HDD. “We believe that our membership in this organization will help strengthen our existing relationships in Aboriginal communities and allow us to foster future collaborative initiatives with indigenous businesses.

Platinum Hydrovac and HDD has a strong commitment to social responsibility and sustainability and believes that its membership in CCAB will help to further these values.

“We believe that our membership in CCAB will not only benefit our company, but will also contribute to the growth and success of Aboriginal businesses and communities across Canada,” said Lee. “We are proud to join this organization and look forward to working with CCAB and its members to promote economic prosperity and social well-being for all Canadians.”

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Bryan Lunge
VP, Marketing & Communications

The unsung heroes of community outdoor rinks

Our team had a great time today helping the Community of Trumpeter flood the snowbank rink built by their volunteers.

After reading an article in the Edmonton Journal about the unsung heroes of community outdoor rinks, we were inspired to reach out and help in any way we could. With a couple trucks and some of our guys, we were able to help create a rink to be enjoyed by the community.

Thank you for letting us be a part of this project!